We offer a wide range of services.  For a free proposal or to simply find out more Email Us!

  • Small Group Ministry Assessment: Not sure where to begin?  Take
    advantage of our Small Group Ministry Assessment.  Find out more about it right here.
  • One Day On-Site Small Group Ministry Assessment: If you already have small groups and you’re looking for a way to move things to the next level we can help.  Our One Day On-Site will provide the outsiders eyes you need to identify strengths and weaknesses while helping you plan next steps.
  • Telephone Consultation: Whether you’re dealing with an important transition point in your small group ministry or you’ve discovered that an ongoing coaching arrangement would be beneficial, we are available to help.  Questions?  Email Me to find out more.
  • Small Group Ministry Launch Package: If you’ve already made the commitment to moving in the direction of a small group emphasis but need help taking the all-important first steps and building a foundation, take a look at the Small Group Ministry Launch Package.   We’ll help you design a strategy that integrates your church’s distinctive DNA and launches a healthy small group ministry that is sustainable.
  • Church-Wide Campaign Consulting: Preparing to launch groups using an alignment of small group curriculum and a weekend series?
  • Small Group Pastor for a Year: Many churches are discovering that finding an experienced small group pastor is not easy.  Finding one that fits your DNA adds another degree of difficulty to an already challenging assignment.  Want in on a little secret?  We’re finding that many churches already have the person they need…they just don’t know it.  Why not let us help you build a healthy small group ministry while we equip your internal candidate?
  • Custom Small Group Curriculum: Looking for a way to put your own stamp on the small group curriculum you use for your next alignment?  Our seasoned team of professionals can take your concept and put it into a DVD-driven format.  When coupled with a launch strategy this produces one of the most exciting advances in spiritual growth in many years.

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