Our mission is to help launch, build and sustain healthy small group ministries.  We believe you will be more successful if you have access to the right resources.  On our site you’ll find the books and media that have shaped some of the most effective small group ministries in the country.  You can also learn more about our coaching and consulting services.

Books and Media: There are several excellent books on small group ministry that reflect the personalities and strategies of the churches in which they’ve been developed.  Deciding which strategy is right for your congregation is the first step.  In addition to your basic strategy, you’ll want to train leaders and develop a coaching solution.  You’ll find most of what you need right here!

Tele-Coaching Services:
Although you might pick up everything you need from a collection of books…you may benefit from an opportunity to learn from the experts and ask questions. You could go to a conference to do that, take furious notes, and try to anticipate all the right questions.  Or you can take advantage of one of our telephone coaching programs and let an expert walk alongside you…over the phone.   Find out more right here.

Consulting Services:
Need the personal touch?  Whether you need our help for a day or two to lay the foundation or a monthly visit for a year, we can customize a program to meet your objectives.   Our experienced team has successfully worked in a wide range of denominations and ministry styles.   Take a look at some of our services right here.

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